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Governor of Fayoum meets with eAswaaq Misr to Discuss Financial Inclusion Project in the Governorate

May 2023, Dr. Ahmed El-Ansary, Governor of Fayoum, and representatives from the National Bank of Egypt and “eAswaaq misr” a subsidiary of “e-Finance Group”, held a meeting to discuss the financial inclusion initiative. The primary objective of this project is to provide assistance to small, medium, and micro enterprises in Fayoum Governorate. The meeting was attended by Ahmed Raef, the Vice President of the Projects Development Sector at “e-Finance,” Mr. Khaled Mekki, the Head of the Digital Lending Unit at “eAswaaq misr,” and Dina Wahid, the Financial Account Manager at “eAswaaq misr”.

Governor of Fayoum emphasized the significance of implementing the financial inclusion initiative, which is being carried out by the National Bank of Egypt in collaboration with “e-Finance” company, within the governorate. This initiative plays a crucial role in the development of families, boosting income, alleviating poverty rates, reducing direct monetary aid to individuals, and encouraging them to rely on their own projects to enhance their living standards and accomplish sustainable development. The Governor emphasized the need to identify the specific villages targeted by the project across various regions of the governorate. Furthermore, it was stressed to organize seminars and awareness campaigns for citizens, aiming to achieve the desired outcomes by reaching out to determined individuals who are keen on establishing projects and receiving both knowledge and financial support. These efforts aim to enhance the economic situation at the governorate level.


Vice President of the Project Development Sector at e-Finance explained the financial inclusion project, highlighting its objective of generating income sources to enhance living standards. This is achieved through financial funding for projects, implementing initiatives, and organizing awareness seminars for villagers. The seminars aim to increase their knowledge and skills, improve efficiency, and provide training on project establishment and management, as well as effective marketing strategies to achieve optimal outcomes.

Additionally, Experts from the National Bank of Egypt and “eAswaaq misr” will conduct introductory seminars on the financial inclusion project, where the initiative will commence with the village of Matwal, throughout 20 villages within Fayoum Governorate, for three days.

Islam Mamoun, CEO of eAswaaq, one of EFIG’s subsidiaries, revealed that the company has completed the first model in the mechanization process at the National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization, which has received great success since it’s opening, noting that it has also been applied in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir and electronic gates are currently being added in preparation for their launch by the Minister of Tourism

Mamoun added that the company is also currently working on completing the 9 sites within the first phase of the project in “Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Islamic, Coptic, Haram, Citadel, and Saqqara” to be completed before the end of the year, and start mechanization in Luxor and then Aswan, provided that the development operations are fully completed within 7 months.

The project allows Egyptian and foreign visitors to book tickets for tourist attractions, museums and archaeological sites online and pay using credit cards or wallets via mobile, in addition to organizing access to these attractions through printed tickets, magnetic cards or through the use of a QR code on mobile devices.

He pointed out that the “Experience Egypt” application, which is being launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, is currently being completed and expected to be launched during the beginning of the last quarter of this year, as it allows it’s user to obtain the necessary information about Egypt and the sites that can be visited, as well as the possibility of booking tickets through it.

A Cooperation Protocol between eAswaaq Misr and the Industrial Modernization Center to Foster Local Industry and Boost Exports

In line with the Egyptian government's commitment to digital transformation and financial inclusion within the industrial sector, and in alignment with Egypt’s Vision 2030, eAswaaq Misr has signed a Cooperation Protocol with the Industrial Modernization Center aiming to promote exports and bolster the industrial landscape.

eAswaaq Misr participated in Seamless: Pioneering E-commerce’s Role in Digital Transformation

eAswaaq Misr proudly participated in Seamless, North Africa's premier event for the financial ecosystem. At this year's seamless event, Mahmoud Osman “Head of E-Commerce for trade and manufacturing at eAswaaq Misr”, took the stage to share insights on the crucial role of e-commerce in driving digital transformation. The focus of his session was to highlight the significance of eAswaaq Misr's ambitious initiative to develop the first national B2B multi-category platforms.

Groundbreaking Integrated Platform for Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises to be launched through a Collaboration between the Enterprise Development Authority and eAswaaq Misr

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (MSMEDA) and eAswaaq Misr, have signed collaboration agreement to introduce the first integrated electronic platform tailored for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt. This initiative, which aims to digitize and enhance the support services for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners, is set to be officially launched within the next three months.

eAswaaq Misr and Ministry of Tourism Expand Cashless Payment System to Five New Archaeological Sites in Cairo and Giza, Paving the Way for more Locations.

eAswaaq Misr and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities have been at the forefront, driving a remarkable change in the tourism sector. we are expanding our cashless payment solution to five more archaeological sites including the Pyramids of Giza, paving the way to more locations.

“Empowering Handicraft Producers in Red Sea Governorate: “Ayady Misr” held a Training Workshop and Enlisted 50 New Artisans.

A training workshop for handicraft producers organized by the Ministry of Local Development in collaboration with eAswaaq Misr and the World Food Program, took place in Red Sea Governorate, at Hurghada Media Complex. The primary objective of the training workshop was to enhance the proficiency of producers while introducing them to "Ayady Misr" platform.

Delegation from Ministry of Local Development Launches “Ayady Misr” Platform in New Valley Governorate

Mrs. Hanan Magdy, Deputy Governor of New Valley Governorate, hosted a delegation from the Ministry of Local Development and eAswaaq misr for the launch of "Ayady Misr" platform. The purpose of the platform is to market and promote local handicraft and heritage products as well as support the craftsmen sector in the governorate.